Doing Business with PayPal


This e-Book contains ways to Protect Yourself From PayPal Fraud!
Safeguard Your Account From Being Shutdown!
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Understand PayPal’s Unique Security Procedures!

Defend Yourself Against A Threatening Attack!

Use PayPal To Your Advantage!

Find An Alternative If You’ve Just Had Enough!

If, instead of PayPal, you decide to set yourself up with a Merchant Account from a large globally recognized financial institution, you can do business with confidence that all of your interests are protected by the laws and regulations that these firms adhere to.

There are lots of clear advantages to doing business this way, but one overwhelming disadvantage. Your customers expect you to accept PayPal payments.

Despite the fact that when you set yourself up with a Merchant Account you have total control over every single penny you take in, you lose the comfort of using a system that everyone adheres to. No one wants to side with the crazy company that has decided to take on ‘the system’. Customers would rather buy from someone else than experiment with your unknown payment plan.

No matter how annoying, horrible or downright dishonest PayPal can be at times, once you learn how to protect yourself properly, they can do no real harm to you or your business.

It is imperative for you to learn how to work with PayPal, instead of against them. There’s no need to fight with the largest payment company on the Internet when it is in your best interest to befriend them. Business is business and as long as you learn where the pitfalls are, you will never be hassled by them again.


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