Growing Bonsai


All you need to know about growing bonsai




Principles of Bonsai :

Choosing a Style : Basic Styles, Formal Upright, Informal Upright, Slanting, Cascade, Semi-Cascade, Plant Selection Guide, Trees and Shrubs, House Plants, Obtaining Plants, Collecting Plants from the Wild, Importing Mature Plants, Nursery Plants, Shaping Bonsai

Overall Design : Pruning, Nipping, Containers for Bonsai, Training Pots

Choosing Pots : Potting /Repotting, Growth Media, Seasonal Care, Spring Care, Summer Care, Fall Care, Winter Care, Coldframes, Watering, Propagating Bonsai, Seedlings, Cuttings, Layering, Grafting, Displaying Bonsai, Indoor Display, Bonsai in the Garden


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