Insomnia – The Complete Guide


It’s pitch black. The only light is the ghostly glow from the numbers on your clock. Eyes wide open, you think about the blackout drape you ordered and installed in your bedroom. It sure is working. It’s plenty dark. Glad you found in that catalogue and bought it with your credit card!



Suddenly here comes another thought, “Did I pay the credit card bill? Uh oh, and I can’t forget to pay the mortgage. It’s due the day after tomorrow . . . or is it next week? When do I take the dog to the vet?”

On and on it goes. You need to sleep and you can’t shut off the endless cacophony that keeps replaying over and over in your sleepless mind. After hours of lying there wide awake, you finally drift off into a light sleep.

Before you know it the alarm blasts you awake at 6:00 a.m. and another stressful day begins. Tortuous traffic, unpaid bills, fear of layoffs and all the various burdens begin to pile up and you have to face it all with little or no sleep.

We all suffer from some loss of sleep. However, it is usually just one or two nights and only happens on occasion. When loss of sleep becomes the norm you should pay attention. This is genuine insomnia rears its ugly head.

Did you know that aside from disease, nothing will degrade good health as quickly as the lack of sleep? Your body requires that period of rest in order to replenish and rejuvenate.

While you are sleeping, your body uses that time to conduct important preventive maintenance at the cellular level. Deprive the body of this restful period and you increase the potential for severe physical and/or psychological maladies.

It’s a pretty tough assignment, but you can overcome insomnia. How to Get A Good Nights Sleep lays it out perfectly for you. Learning what causes insomnia is the first step in creating a battle plan to eliminate insomnia once and for all!

That’s just the first step. Did you know that there are different types of insomnia? Your first steps should be to explore the causes and the different types of insomnia. You can do that in just the first two chapters.
Here’s a sample of what else you will learn:

· What is the difference between insomnia and sleeping disorders?

· Learn how depression relates to insomnia

· Discover the details of the five primary sleeping disorders

· Find out all about sleep apnea and how it relates to insomnia

· Expose the details of the detrimental effect insomnia has on your health

· Do OTC (over the counter) remedies work?

· What about insomnia in infants and children?

· How to cure insomnia with behavior modification

· What are the long term effects of insomnia?

Have you had enough? Are you sick and tired of being so tired? You can overcome insomnia.The good news is that there is a tool to help you understand the symptoms and possible treatments.
How to Get A Good Nights Sleep will take you through the process step-by-step. Did you know:
Female hormonal changes can affect sleep patterns. Changes in working conditions can cause insomnia.
Remember, sleep deprivation can lead to serious physical and mental conditions. Sleep is absolutely necessary to your survival. If you or a loved one suffers from insomnia you owe it to yourself and him/her to grab a copy of this valuable tool today!

Grab your copy of How to Get A Good Nights Sleep now and have a good nights sleep tonight!
Do it now. . .your life may depend on it!


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