Learn To Speed Read


This is a full course which will teach you how to SPEED READ (or POWER READ).
Read quickly AND in-depth Learn how to read both quickly and in depth over a wide range of subjects, and then to be able to appreciate, analyze and evaluate what you have read with clear and incisive intelligence.



With this new home study course you can double your reading speed and supercharge your brain’s capacity to digest, remember and implement huge amounts of information… essential ingredients to success in your profession and in your continuing education.

We all learn to read at school, after a fashion. But for most of us, this is not an optimal use of our brain power. In this course you will learn to better use the left brain’s focused attention combined with the right brain’s peripheral attention, in close harmony. Good communication between the brain hemispheres is a prerequisite for creative thinking and also a sense of well-being, where thoughts and feelings are integrated.

Reading may be defined as an individual’s total inter-relationship with symbolic information. Reading is a communication process requiring a series of skills. As such reading is a thinking process rather than an exercise in eye movements. Effective reading requires a logical sequence of thought patterns, and these patterns require practice to set them into the mind.

The methods currently used in schools do not touch on the issues of speed, comprehension and critical analysis and indeed all those skills which can be described as advanced reading techniques. In short, most of your reading problems have not been dealt with during your initial education. By using appropriate techniques, the limitations of early education can be overcome and reading ability improved by 500% or more. As you probably expect, this course will teach you to read much faster and at the same time to have a much better understanding of what you have read. These are obviously great advantages.


This speed reading course will give you both the understanding of the mechanisms as well as the tools (the use of the regulator, for example) to determine at which level of speed and comprehension you chose to read.
Format: eBook (PDF)
No. of Pages: 40
Language: English

Chapters1. Introduction
2. The Definition of Reading
3. The Eye and its Movements
4. Test of Reading Speed
5. Are you a Left-Brain Reader or a Right-Brain Reader?
6. Visual Guides
7. Preliminary Exercises
8. Subvocalisation & the Thought-Stream
9. Maladaptive Scanning Patterns
10. Speed Perception
11. Pacing & Scanning Techniques
12. Pacing Exercise
13. In-Depth Reading Techniques
14. Key Word Noting
15. Taking Notes
16. Associative Networks
17. Visual Reading Techniques
18. Defeating the Decay of Memories


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