How To Paint Trees


Calling all Artists and Painters, do you have trouble painting trees and foliage?
Do your paintings never seem to look right?
Are you spending hours painting leaves only for your paintings to STILL look lifeless and flat?
Well help is at hand with this BRAND NEW (July 2005) Ebook.



Learn how to paint . . .

1.The Oak Tree
2.The Beech Tree
3.The Willow Tree
4.The Elm
5.The Ash &
6.The Scotch Fir
Learn which brushes, paints and pencils are best and why.
Learn how to build up your paintings piece by piece to acheive the results you really want.
Learn what to draw or paint and what NOT to draw or paint and why!

Learn how to get your paintings right from the beginning and transform your painting skills. This ebook includes many two-stage pictures showing you exactly HOW to paint trees properly. It also includes black and white close up sketches of each trees individual leaves.

This is an excellent BRAND NEW ebook designed to help you get the most out of painting trees to enable you to become a better artist!


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