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An entire world of new opportunities are about to be opened… there are thousands of new, important and profitable works coming into the public domain each month and you can start profiting from them right now!

If you ever wanted to start your own business with the lowest possible risk and the highest possible profits then you owe it to yourself to investigate re-packaging and re-publishing public domain information!



Discover the incredibly low-risk and extremely profitable world of creating businesses from scratch using recently expired copyrighted works that are now in the public domain! There is a vast treasure of information and creative works such as movies, music, books, manuals, photographs, posters, and more that you can access at ZERO cost (NO royalties or copyright payment fees, EVER!) that you can resell for 100% profits…

FROM: David Vallieres, Editor, The Public Domain Report
RE: Profiting From Public Domain Information

Dear Internet Friend,

I want to tell you a 100% true story about how a simple man with seemingly no ambition (and was constantly teased for too often ‘day dreaming’ while in school) created a business empire worth billions (yes, billions) using books that were in the “public domain” that you can resell for 100% profits…

FROM: David Vallieres, Editor, The Public Domain Report
RE: Profiting From Public Domain Information

Dear Internet Friend,

I want to tell you a 100% true story about how a simple man with seemingly no ambition (and was constantly teased for too often ‘day dreaming’ while in school) created a business empire worth billions (yes, billions) using books that were in the “public domain”.
But first, if you’re not familiar with the term “public domain” allow me to help give you at least a general idea of the legal and business power contained in these two words. At a very basic level, “public domain” means…
…anything that is NOT protected under US copyright law. This includes ALL works published before 1923 AND, under certain conditions, works published up to 1978. A ‘work’ can be anything: a book, a play, music, photographs, movies, instruction manuals, courses, reports, posters, etc…
Re-publishing and re-packaging public domain information and other creative works can make you a lot of money. The reason is fairly simple: If you find, re-package and sell information that has fallen into the public domain you do not have to pay royalties or copyright fees on that work. Can you tell me about any other business that…
… you can resell over and over and keep 100% of the profits without paying a penny for the acquisition of it and not ONE CENT in royalties or copyright fees for its continued use?
In any normal business start-up you will be required to provide a Tax ID number along with other documents and proof of your business registration just to be able to buy products for resale! Then, until you’ve had a chance to establish ‘terms’ with your wholesaler, you’ll be required to pay cash, up front, for all your starting inventory.
If you’re buying widgets for £4.95 wholesale and selling them for £9.95 you must constantly re-invest that £4.95 in more widgets. In order to do a large trade in widgets you’ll need a large inventory! Before you even open your business door you’ll have to invest £50,000 to £100,000 in widgets and as soon as you sell one of them you have to take £4.95 out of that £9.95 sale and plunge that right back into buying more widgets! I call it the ‘black hole’ of retail business, because you will…
…constantly have up to £100,000 or more, depending on the type of business you operate, tied up in cold, hard inventory for as long as you are in business!

Let’s contrast this normal business start-up with one that is started using 100% FREE public domain information as their ‘widget’.
First, I should state clearly that there is not another business in the world that is more profitable than the ‘information business’ i.e. selling books, manuals, reports, photographs, posters, coupons, gift certifictaes, courses, etc…but…
The biggest problem for most individuals who want to enter this enormously profitable business is that they have to either create their own information product or secure (by paying an up-front fee) the rights to sell someone else’s product.Again, for most individuals ‘creating their own information product is very hard to do… they can’t write or don’t like to write, they find it……difficult or impossible to even think about writing an entire book!
If you love the idea of publishing information as a business model but you don’t want to or can’t create your own book or manual…what do you do?
Let me give you another example. You find a deal where someone else will allow you to purchase a ‘re-sale’ license to their book or manual. In most cases these ‘rights’ can be purchased inexpensively. The problem, of course, is that everyone else has discovered this secret and ……have purchased the rights to the same book you just bought and is selling it all over the Internet!
Not only have you lost exclusivity, but in most cases the ‘product’ has been discounted to attract sales that there’s no profit margin left in the sale of the book! On ebaY ebooks are heavily discounted and sell for pennies. What profit is there in that?
Now, you can also purchase rights that are much more expensive and exclusive… £900, £1,500 up to £15,000 or more for the ‘rights’ and, in many cases, you’ll have to pay royalties on each sale payable quarterly to the copyright holder. This will certainly make your product more exclusive and sales will be better, however, you are still faced with enormous competition… because the investment required to purchase these rights will have attracted the most dangerous competition of all… sophisticated marketers or as I like to call them, “players with money”
Yes, these players are competing against you! Not good news if you’re just starting out or want a good chance at making a lot of money with your ‘reprint’ right product.
Like I said, let’s contrast this business start-up with one that is started using 100% FREE public domain information as their ‘widget’.
First, securing the rights to public domain information will cost you nothing- they are 100% free to use! It may cost you a few dollars to ‘buy’ a used book or course you find in a used book store, but those costs are really minimal.Second, there are thousands of works to choose from in thousands of categories and since almost no one knows this kind of opportunity even exists…… you will be able to dominate entire markets before your competition even knew what hit them!
Third, since you do not have to purchase a large stockpile of inventory and you have no major competition you can spend your money where it matters most: creating marketing that makes you money!
Why now? Why public domain information?
First, there are books, courses, manuals and music and other creative works whose copyrights expire almost every day. These are all ‘products’ that are FREE for the taking, if you only knew how to find them and how to re-publish them!
Second, the vast treasure of public domain information is growing daily and a very tiny, minuscule percentage of the business public even know that they can be used without permission, without cost and without royalties or fees or how to go about documenting that they are in the public domain to protect themselves.
Third, it is absolutely the easiest way to start or expand an existing business with such low risk and such high profits ever in history! Your product is ‘free’ and when you sell it you keep 100% of the profits. If you ever see a better opportunity, please let me know!
This is a massive opportunity that has been created with the recent copyright expiration of thousands of books, music, movies and other ‘works’ that have passed into the public domain in just the last few months and years, so…
There are really no limits to the creative business ventures you can start with public domain treasure!
And, since there are thousands of works in the public domain- they are simply ‘there’ – you don’t have to do anything to create the information- they are just waiting to be re-published and……they are ALL FREE for the-taking!

So, they are ‘free’… but how do you profit??
You can do exactly what I did… digitize the information, create an ‘ebook’ and sell it on the Internet, creat posters, etc…. One book I re-published is about “day trading”, another book is on “mind reading” and another book is on “advertising and copywriting”.
As I mentioned, when you find a work that’s in the public domain you can digitize it (with a scanner hooked up to your computer) you can have it published as a ‘real book’ and sell it on Amazon, or sell it as an ebook or even create a ‘course’ and publish it!!… the possibilities are endless and the profits staggering.

Not every kind of work in the public domain will have a market but here are some examples of books you could be re-publishing that have an excellent market right now:

  • Books on mind reading, thought transference, etc
  • Books on marketing, advertising and copywriting
  • Books on trading stocks and commodities
  • Books on collecting: figurines, wedgwood, pottery, etc
  • Books on hand writing analysis, palmistry and the occult
  • Books on herb remedies and natural healing
  • Children’s books and stories (especially those with color illustrations) Posters (or images that can be turned into ‘posters) of all kinds -the ‘patriotic’ ones are especially popular right now Radio shows, music and movies… and so much more!

    Not convinced yet?

    I started at the beginning of this letter to tell you about a rather un-ambitious fellow who built a billion dollar empire using works that had recently fallen into the public domain. He based his entire business on fairy tales that were popular in the early 1800’s, The Grimm Fairy Tales…. can you guess who it is?
    It was Walt Disney. Yes, he knew that the Grimm Fairy Tales were wonderful stories and he also knew they were recently added to the treasure of ‘public domain’ works. He changed the names of some of the characters and ‘modernized’ them a bit, but essentially copied them and made a large fortune selling the stories to a new generation!
    Want another example? How about ‘Turner Classic Movies’ or TCM… the majority of the films on TCM are in the public domain, not all are, but most. Turner gets them at a very low cost and sells advertising on his station. Is he making a profit? Well if he wasn’t do you think TCM would still be around? He is making a fortune just from the ad revenue!
    How about one more example?… I’ll keep it short because by now your mind must be reeling with the possibilities!
    Rebecca Fine received a book in the mail one day. The book was written by a man who had been dead nearly 90 years. The book’s title, The Science of Getting Rich intrigued her and she devoured the book in a single session on a spring afternoon in 1998. She realized how wonderful the book was and started to implement the suggestions the book taught and her little home business doubled and then tripled in income from the advice!
    She created a web site, made the book available for download (she scanned or ‘digitized’ it), and has built an entire business around that one book that was in the public domain! She has followers from over 111 countries who have requested a copy and ……has thousands of people on her mailing list who all wanted a copy of that ONE book!
    How does she profit? She sells a ‘cd’ version of the book and even created an ‘audio-book’… she is succeeding because of that one book… imagine what you can do with the vast treasure chest of information in the public domain! She has an opt-in mailing list the size of which most Internet marketers would be envious of…
    I could give you many more examples… but you have my example: 3 books published and a poster business with thousands in profits in sales (re-publish model); how Walt Disney got his start (update or ‘modernize’ model); TCM (ad revenue model); and Ms. Fine (‘free ebook to build list’ Internet model)…but……what if you find something you’d like to publish but are afraid to because someone might steal it?
    You have a right to be concerned… especially if someone who bought the work found out it was in the public domain. Couldn’t they just copy it and sell it as there own?? The answer is…… no!! They cannot do that… IF…
    … if you follow my advice: I found a 100% legal way to prevent anyone from stealing your work (even if you got it in the public domain!) … and if they do, you can take legal action against them just as if you were the original copyright holder!!
    Ok?? This ONE PIECE of information is worth thousands alone!! But……this is where I stop giving you freebies!
    Look, I’ve already given you so much detailed information in this letter (business models, examples and markets) you should feel totally guilty for getting all this for free!!!
    Sure, feel guilty, but don’t stop reading because I have so much more to tell you about profiting from the vast treasure of information in the public domain!! As the owner to my 10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports!, you will learn much more about finding and using public domain information in profit making ventures than I could ever publish on this little web page!
    These 10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports! includes tips, resources and direct links to public domain works on the Internet you can copy and sell immediately! That is just a tiny part of what I’ll give you- it’s only the beginning!
    These 10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports! includes EVERYTHING you need to get a profitable business started in minutes!!
    And let me assure you… there is no other source of information about profiting from the vast holdings of works in the public domain than these 10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports.
    Here’s just a small sample of what you can except to read each in these 10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports!:
    How to protect your public domain project from being stolen, with full legal protection!
    How to create ‘instant’ businesses you can profit from in less than 24 hours with little-known free sources of public domain works!
    Where to easily find works in the public domain- some of which may be in your own home library, in your neighbourhood or at your local used book store!
    How to re-package public domain info for the highest profits!
    What one document you must have when re-publishing public domain info to protect yourself from legal problems!
    How to perform a copyright search to determine if the work you want to re-publish is in the public domain!
    The surest marketing methods for converting your public domain information into a saleable product that will generate cash profits for years to come!
    Where to find public domain information and other creative works online, for free!
    Where to find public domain works you can re-publish right in your area using classified ads!
    How to tell, with a quick look, if a work is in the public domain or not!
    10 ways you can re-package public domain information!
    Where to find services and products that will get your public domain re-publishing business off the ground fast!
    What you should say to people who challenge your ‘rights’ to re-publish a work in the public domain! And why saying the wrong thing will get you in a mess of trouble!
    Even though re-publishing and re-packaging public domain information is the easiest and fastest business in the world to get started, there are a lot of obstacles to doing it successfully. That’s why there’s very little competition in this area… that’s also why I decided to publish these 10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports! … to help you remove those obstacles and get started in this little-known niche business!
    Also, I cannot guarantee you will be successful re-publishing public domain information since I do not know what your personal abilities are. But I will give you every tool and every piece of knowledge I posses about profiting from information in the public domain, without holding anything back, so you can succeed if that’s what you sincerely want.
    As the owner of these 10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports! all the obstacles that are in the way for other people will be lifted and solved for you. You will have the power to blow past obstacles, impediments and barriers to re-publishing public domain information that no one else even knows about. You will feel a surge of incredible power knowing that you can take, at will, any public domain work and create a profitable business whenever you want!
    As you can imagine, access to this kind of powerful information isn’t going to be cheap. In a very real sense, you get what you pay for. I won’t kid you into thinking that you can have this kind of incredible information and support for a low cost. It just doesn’t exist.
    Would it shock you to learn you had to pay over £80 for each ONE of these reports to receive this kind of niche info? It shouldn’t because it’s worth even more than that… but the good news is……you can buy all 10 of these POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports! right now for this special auction price.

    An entire world of new opportunities are about to be opened, if you let me in! There are thousands of new, important and profitable works coming into the public domain each month and you can start profiting from it right now!
    Why hesitate? For just when you can get the these 10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports! and start profiting form the largest opportunity in publishing today!
    The only way to finally convince yourself that this is good opportunity for you is to get these reports now.
    When you see how easy and simple it is to profit from the thousands of works in the public domain you’ll kick yourself for not getting started earlier!
    This is a low-cost, highly profitable and fun business to be in… especially now. The Internet has dramatically increased the opportunities to profit from public domain information like never before!
    You’re looking at a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity… but it’s not going to help you if you stay on the sidelines! You need to get into this game and win! That’s why I published these 10 POWER-PACKED Public Domain Reports! – to help you remove all the obstacles and barriers to getting something going and to help you build a profitable business now.
    What do you have to lose?
    Won’t you let me help you?


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